Panamerican road with Esprits Outdoor


However, it was upon arriving in Chile and Argentina when we finally were able to use our ZAG skis on the snow. Up until this point, the skis had mostly just served as a hidden pillow hidden beneath our mattresses. At last, we could get the blood flowing in our legs on the beautiful summits of the Andes.

We are excited to tell the story of our three excellent touring sessions in the Andes Mountains.

Le Volcan Antuco




A volcano in the style of Norway and Iceland. The more that we climb this volcano in the wild Chilean landscape, the more we notice the surrounding lakes. It almost feels as if we are on an island. We’ve waited a few days to have good conditions to climb this volcano, and we are not disappointed. What a joy to find ourselves alone in this world of snow and lava!


Here is the video





The volcan Villarica




Villarica is the classic Chilean volcano: in a perfect cone shape, all white, and always active! After waiting almost a week for appropriate weather (the weather is quite temperamental here!), we are finally ready to climb. Despite the touristic vibe near the city of Pucon, we quickly find ourselves completely secluded for the climb. However, it does not exactly go as planned; giant gusts of wind cause us to hesitate in our goal of reaching the summit. Finally, we decide to go up with crampons on our feet, leaving the skis behind in a small abandoned cabin. We will never forget this, especially the moment we arrive atop the crater where the odor of gas is so strong that it is almost impossible to breathe.




The Cerro Catedral




Situated above the city of San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina, this spot is the Chamonix of the Andes. Exceptional granite makes it a climber’s paradise, and hundreds of chutes make it a dreamy haven for skiers as well. Even though we arrive in the springtime, we hike to the refuge with skis on our backs and are able to enjoy skiing some chutes after spending a wonderful night at Emilio Frey’s refuge.



And there you have it, the amazing ski spots that we had the opportunity to discover during our Pan-American journey. The unpredictable weather prevented us from accomplishing many of the projects that we had planned, but with some patience we still were able to enjoy ourselves when the weather was right. Of course, we are bringing back wonderful memories as well as some beautiful photos!

See you soon for our next adventure!