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Exploring the mountains with skis underfoot requires light and reliable materials. Exemplary during the climb, ZAG’s Touring Range also benefits from the brand’s freeride legacy, and offers skiers versatile materials, unparalleled comfort on all snow types, and an ideal balance between weight and performance.

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    Ski de rando ZAG ADRET 85 2023
    ADRET 85

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Our ultra light touring skis

The leader of the range in terms of weight is the ADRET 78  which is intended for those who want to tackle as much elevation as possible, with the lightest set up under their feet. This light and technical ski is a concrete example of technology. While it is light it maintains excellent skiability and unparalleled comfort for a ski of this size. 

The ADRET 85 is the best of the range for balancing weight and versatility in touring skis. A little wider than its little brother the ADRET 78, the ADRET 85 will ensure you reliability and versatility foolproof in all types of snow. Its light double rocker will allow you to float easier in powdery snows and its high camber will ensure you a flawless grip in harder snows. With the same technology as the rest of the range, the ADRET 85 is undoubtedly the best weight and performance balance of our light touring skis.

Available in a Lady version, the ADRET 85 has also been developed specifically for women. This ultra-light ski for touring has a flex adapted to the specific needs of ladies.

Our ultra-light touring skis the ADRET were developed in our prototyping workshop in Chamonix: the ZAGLAB. Since the creation of this workshop in 2015, we can test many different aspects of the skis. We can experiment with the materials that we use for example: try different types of wood for the core, try different fibers, and even develop our unique fiber weaves when necessary. As part of the ZAGREEN program, we were able to integrate 33% bio-sourced resin on all ADRET models. In addition, we are committed to using 100% FSC-certified wood cores, edges from recycled steel, and using recycled sole scraps.

Our skins for touring skis

In addition to our ADRET range of light ski touring models, you can find our skins made in partnership with the Swiss brand POMOCA. These are perfectly adapted to our ski models and arrive cut and ready to use. These are an essential accessory for your ADRET touring skis.


How to choose the size of your ADRET touring skis

To help you choose the right ski model and the best ski length we suggest you look at our complete ski size chart.