This versatile range of flat-backed skis offers a unique ski experience both on and off-piste! Totally revamped for this season, the Harfang Line is dedicated to resort skiing on all types of terrain. From the Harfang 86’s effortless on-piste carving, to the Harfang 106’s ultimate freeride experience, to the Harfang 96’s versatility adored by patrollers everywhere, the Harfang Range offers something for everyone! This range is designed for those looking for a ski that can do everything.

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The slimmer ski in the Harfang range, the Harfang 86 is the model that will allow you to ride in the resort with the least effort ! Its high camber combined with its light double rocker will assure you an optimal grip on hard snow. Intended for skiers who mainly stay on the tracks, this model will not say no to a few turns in powder thanks to its voluminous and progressive tip. Best seller of the range, the Harfang 96 model is the all-mountain ski by excellence. Created to answer to specifics needs of ski patrols, this ski combines intuitiveness, performance, and resistance. Its double rocker and its moderate camber ensure a flawless ski on all snow conditions. Intended for skiing in the resort, in small or large curves, in hard, choppy or powder snow, this ski will never disappoint you because it knows how to do everything !

Then, we move on to the models that fall into the category of flat heel freeride skis. The Harfang 106 model is the ski that represents the essence of freeride: rugged, high performance, stable and incredibly fun if you have the technical background to ride it anywhere you want! Its moderate camber and pronounced double rocker will allow you to achieve unmatched performance in all snow conditions. Its very stiff flex and its strong heel return on the exit of the curve will be appreciated by skiers seeking for a product with character.

This range of all mountain skis has been developed with the aim of offering very intuitive and high performance skis resorts. These skis provide unique riding sensations on all terrains/mountains. Thanks to our prototyping workshop in Chamonix, the ZAGLAB, we are able to test a lot of different material combinations and thus push the research and development of each of our products much further. We are proud to work in close collaboration with many ski resorts and to equip their patrolers (Val-Thorens, Les Menuires, Saint Gervais).

How to choose the size of your all mountain ZAG skis Harfang

In order to help you choose the best ski size & model depending your needs and tastes we wrote a complete size chart.