When our skis are "dead", they don't end up in the garbage can. In fact, the skis are recovered by tri-vallées, a French company that recycles skis, snowboards, poles, etc. It's the solution we've found to avoid landfill, which remains the worst-case scenario for skis and the environment.

At Tri-vallée, skis are shredded, the ferrous and non-ferrous metals are then separated and recycled to make aluminum and steel again. As for the rest of the skis, they are burnt to produce energy (for example, to heat premises).

We only use this method of recycling skis when they're really "dead" and we can't do anything else with them, because we're well aware of the impact this has on the environment.




When skis are in good enough condition not to be sent to tri-vallées, we recycle them and use them for purposes other than their original purpose.  Re-use means making benches and chairs out of skis, giving free rein to your creativity and reusing our products in your everyday life.

We're also developing a second-hand platform for your skis, so that you can buy second-hand equipment and give a second life to pairs that already have a few miles on them.



Since this winter, we've been using reusable pouches to pack our skis, replacing the plastic blister pack.

 If you'd like to find out more

These pouches have been designed to be reused as you see fit, so as not to produce any additional waste.

This approach is part of the ZAGREEN project, whose guiding principle is to reduce our environmental impact.

So don't throw the pouch away! Use your imagination and find a use for it.

You can simply use it as a cover for your skis (just break the seam in the middle by pulling on each side and the pouch will hold your pair of skis + bindings).

The pouch can also be used to protect the seats of your car, it can be reused to make Tôtes bags or pouches, it can become a storage bag, and so many other things... we leave it to your imagination ;)

And don't hesitate to share your ideas for reusing pouches with us! #zagreenprogram