Discover our new web series "HUMANS" featuring the stories of our ambassadors around the world.


Episode 1 - Julien Colonge


First episode with Julien Colonge, a passionate and authentic skier whose story deserves to be told. Originally from the French Alps, Julien devotes a large part of his life to skiing, combining sporting performance and love of nature. Its course is punctuated with overcome challenges and strong moments in the mountains. Through this episode, dive into the universe of an athlete for whom each descent is an adventure and each summit, a new conquest.

Episode 2 - Py Le Blanc


PY: "The Soul of Freeride" immerse yourself in the thrilling life of PY le Blanc, a Canadian freeride legend. Follow his vertiginous ascents, his bold descents and feel the exaltation that leads him. Discover how his injury became a turning point in his career and his determination to come back stronger. At the same time, share his passion for teaching his profession to his children, the creation of a family heritage dedicated to adventure and personal realization, the transformation of the mountains into a sacred playground for a family linked by the love of freeride.