Women's skis

Men won't be the only one to relaunch their skis as soon as the snow arrives, ladies will also be there looking for some pure moments of pleasur on skis and sharing around a good mulled wine.

Perfect timing to take the time to choose the ideal pair of skis, each one developped specially to suits every type of skiers. We explain you down below how to do depending on your level and your practice.

As for men, you 'll find 4 ski ranges destined to specific practices and developped espcially for women.



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Purchase of women's all moutain skis

As for the men , the all moutain range was specifically created for women , it is at the same time performing et offer the advantage of a great versatility.  Our models are adapted to all morphologies. They are developped and concived for ladies that ride the moutain strongly and are looking for comfort and amazing sensations on snow. No need to invest into a bunch of skis, we have just the right choice to satisfy your tastes. You will find our all moutains skis through our 2 models for our Harfang line, if you prefer the slopes , our Harfang 86 lady is a wisest choice. If you're looking for an extra versatile piste ski, you may look at toward our Harfang 96 lady. 

No inequality with the men, these 2 models are the same as the one in the masculine range , but thought and created for women.


Purchase of women's freeride skis

Fan of wide white spaces and fresh powder ? You can take a look to our freeride line for women. As for men the choice is articulated around our SLAP skis et harfang. Both developped and transformes around a purely feminine line. The skis have been thought and created according a specific adaptation. They are all created in several sizes and also for small sizes people. Our SLAP 104 lady was specially created in small sizes (164 and 170 com) to provide adapted skis just as effective just like the SLAP 112 lady also developped in 170cm

Puchase of women's touring skis

We've also created a line dedicated to ski touring for women. Based on our brand new construction method to improve the technique and the performance of this line. Inspired by the men's collection , they have been concived to offer maximum comfort on the way down and minimum cluter on the way up for you ladies. You will be able to do your little market into our UBAC and ADRET lines specially concived for touring and freetouring.

Depending the type of sensations and skis  you are looking for we offer you 4 differents models. If your first criteria is the weight , orientate yourself toward ou ADRET 85 lady , if you're a begginer we recommend for you the UBAC 89 lady. For the riders seeking for thrilling sensations you may look our best-seller the UBAC 95 lady and UBAC 102 lady. Those skis will ensure you performance and comfort

How to choose the size of your skis

In order to direct you the right way with the choice of your model of all moutain, freeride or touring skis and the size of them , we've made for you a sizing guide.