Slap Line

SLAP is an acronym for the French translation of «Freestyle Backcountry». This SLAP line is comprised by large and playful skis equipped with double rockers that are perfectly suited for deep powder. Encouraging large, fast carving on the groomers and short turns shredding through the trees, these skis will be your weapons of choice for the most memorable powder days.

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  1. Skieur Tester's choice 2019 Palme Ski 2018-2019
    SLAP 104 21/22
    SLAP 104

    From 440.30 €

  2. Skieur Tester's choice 2019 Palme Ski 2018-2019
    SLAP 104 LADY 19/20
    SLAP 104 LADY 2020

    From 280.00 € Regular Price 818.99 €

  3. -50%
    SLAP  2L 15/16
    SLAP 2L 2016

    From 259.50 €

  4. Skialper selection freeride 2019 Tester's choice 2022
    SLAP 112 21/22
    SLAP 112

    From 389.40 €

  5. -50%
    SLAP 112 LADY 18-19
    SLAP 112 LADY 2019

    From 300.00 €

  6. Tester's choice 2022 Bergstolz
    SLAP 122 21/22
    SLAP 122

    From 269.90 € Regular Price 364.50 €

  7. -50%
    SLAP 122 18/19
    SLAP 122 18/19

    From 320.00 €

  8. -30%
    Skis freeride enfant zag slap team 2022 basse def

    From 244.30 €

  9. -40%
    SLAP TEAM 20/21
    SLAP TEAM 20/21

    From 209.40 €

11 Items

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Our Versatile Freeride Skis

The SLAP 104 is the narrowest ski of the range but also the most versatile. Indeed, its moderate width under the foot will allow you to enjoy skiing in all snow conditions. This ultra-maneuverable resort ski is a real toy, whether on or off the slopes. Its intuitiveness will delight novice freeriders and allow them to progress very quickly. More experienced skiers will appreciate its feeling on snow and its extreme versatility. Available in small sizes (164cm and 170cm), this model will also be appreciated by women looking for a versatile freeride ski specific for women. Its big brother, the SLAP 112, is the ski by excellence for all freeriders seeking for a model that is both ultra-performing and ultra-playful. Intended for large open powder fields and narrow forests, this ski will perform in all terrains. Wadeck Gorak, winner of the Verbier Xtreme in 2019 thanks to these skis, says « finally found a ski that does not limit me in any way and allow me to do everything: from big powder runs in the forest to steep big mountain faces like the Bec des Rosses in Verbier ». You can also find the exact replica of the pro model of Wadeck Gorak, be careful unique size in 188cm, stiffer flex, mounting center of the skis advanced +1cm forward, only reserved for good skiers. And finally the SLAP 122, the weapon in deep snow! Multiple awarded in various media, this ski with its ultra-pronounced rockers and its 5-point shape brings you an unbeatable performance in powder snow. Forgiving with its short radius, the 122 is able to adapt to all styles of off-piste skiers. We finish with our freeride / freetouring ski adapted to the youngest, the SLAP TEAM. Intended for children and teenagers, this ski has nothing to envy the adult models since it has the same technologies as the big ones! A real freeride and touring ski for kids, very durable with its black sole and its reinforced topsheet.


Freeride Ski in Chamonix


Our SLAP freeride ski range was developed in our prototyping workshop in Chamonix: the ZAGLAB. Since 2015 and the creation of this workshop we can push the development of each ski much further. Indeed we can realize prototypes in a very reduced space of time: 3 to 4 days between manufacturing and testing. For example, this range of multipurpose freeride skis was entirely developed on the Grands Montets ski area in Chamonix (located 500m from our offices and our workshop). This reactivity and this permanent contact with our environment allow us to propose skis always more intuitive and powerful on the market. Moreover, with the ZAGREEN program we are committed to minimizing the impact of our activity. For example, we now use only recycled steel edges in our SLAP range, FSC-certified wood cores (respecting procedures guaranteeing the sustainable management of forests), natural flax fibers and recycled base scraps.


How to choose the size of your feeride skis ZAG SLAP


In order to help you as much as possible to choose the right ski model and the best ski length we advice you to have a quick look at our complet ski size chart.