Touring Skis

ZAG skis deploys a whole range of touring skis for the happiness Of wide open spaces lovers. True references in terms of comfort and lightness in the field, these touring skis work just as easily in powder as on hard snow. Take turns with ease, ski down virgin faces and brave moguls easily thanks to solid materials and high quality design.

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Our wide freeride skis are made thanks to the work of our Research & Development team in the ZAGLAB (situated at the bottom of the Grand Monets, the world’s mecca of freeride). We get our inspiration from these alps every day that guide us in designing and conceiving the most intuitive and high-performing skis on the market. Our prototype workshop allows us to test enormous amounts of different material combinations within our skis and experiment with fibers, cores, and shapes. The proximity to our playground allows us to rapidly test products and therefore be extremely reactive. Allowing us to offer our clients the most versatile, intuitive, and high-performing freeride skis. In addition, with the ZAGREEN program, we have chosen to insert natural flax fibers in our SLAP line: bringing extra comfort and reduced carbon impact these actions show our desire to constantly advance our products while preserving our environment as much as possible. 

Our women's touring skis

To offer skis adapted for everyone, we have also created a complete line of women’s touring skis: specifically designed to respond to the needs of women, these light women’s touring skis offer maximum comfort to the descent and minimum weight on the climb. If weight is your number one priority and you want to achieve a max elevation gain during the winter, the ADRET 85 LADY is the ideal choice. If you are new to ski touring or want a pair of versatile and smaller skis, we suggest you choose the UBAC 89 LADY. The best seller of the range due to its ratio between weight and performance, the UBAC 95 LADY will give you a unique thrill on the descent! And finally, if you are looking for a freeride ski and your objective is to reject your limits and float down freeride faces, the all-new UBAC 102 LADY is for you!

 Our men's touring skis

Our men’s touring and freeride skis are structured around two ranges: ADRET & UBAC. The ADRET is an ultra-light and technical touring ski. With a moderate width under feet between 81mm and 88mm, they are intended for hikers who wish to minimize the weight of their equipment to achieve the maximum elevation gain as quickly as possible. The ADRET 78 is the lightest model of the touring range at ZAG. A high concentration on technology allowed us to arrive at this result! It is made for capable skiers looking for ultra-light and reliable equipment. Its big brother, the ADRET 85, weighs slightly more which creates the best ratio of weight to the performance of our light ski touring skis. 

The men’s freeriding skis, the UBAC line, were created to satisfy skiers looking for light equipment for climbing that is also high performing on the descent. A true pioneer in the freeride market, the ZAG line features 4 models with 4 different widths. The narrowest of them and the newest in the range is the UBAC 89. Perfect for beginners or skiers looking for a ski that is not too large under foot with a good grip in all snow particularly on the hard packed snow. The UBAC 95 is the best seller of the range and the ski that all the guides in Chamonix use. We define this ski as the embodiment of versatility in ski touring. Both wide enough to send large powdery slopes and eye-catching regardless of the snow conditions; this model is the Swiss army knife of touring and freeride skis. Its light weight will be your perfect ally in the mountains, even over several days! The UBAC 102 has won multiple awards in the magazines and is the freeride ski that will guarantee you unequal performance in high speed and powder. If you are looking to pass your ski touring limits, this is the model for you! And finally, the BAKAN with 112 mm under the foot is the perfect toy in the freeride landscape. A large ski, unsinkable, comfortable, accessible, and incredibly light for the width! Destined for big freeride powder adventures. 


To guide you as best as possible both in the choice of your ski touring model but also in the size, we have written a complete size guide.