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Skieur Tester's choice 2016-2017

Des lignes de côtes généreuses, un long double rocker, mais un poids étonnamment imperceptible! Stable, tolérant, insubmersible et confortable, le Bakan se destine aux freeriders souhaitant accéder aux plus belles pentes à la force des jambes.

Une nouvelle association verre/carbone rendent ce ski deux fois plus rigide en torsion. Un noyau 100% paulownia épuré et allégé associé à une nouvelle combinaison de fibres verre/carbone qui rend ce ski deux fois plus rigide en torsion. Voici les secrets pour arriver à cette skiabilité et à ce poids minimaliste alors que les chants en ABS le rendent plus solide et performant.



  • Length
  • 176
    141 / 112 / 128.5
  • 184


  • Polyvalence
  • Maniability
  • Stability
  • Off-track aptitude
  • On-track aptitude
  • Uphill aptitude
  • Downhill aptitude

Zag secrets

Zag secrets
  • ProductSecrets-svg
    Thick Edges
    Shockproof resistant
  • ProductSecrets-svg
    Glossy Topsheet
  • ProductSecrets-svg
    Reinforcing Plates
  • ProductSecrets-svg
    100% Wood Core
  • ProductSecrets-svg
    Sintered Bases
    Glide & solidity
Facing the high stakes of global climate change that threatens our mountain playground, we feel responsible for the conservation of this beautiful environment in which ZAG resides. This is why are committed to minimizing the impact of our activities on the climate and on nature, all the while generating a local positive impact in Chamonix and the Alps.
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Carte Zagreen
  • Carrés recyclés Recycled edges
  • Recycled scrap base Recycled scrap base
  • Made in Europe Made in Europe
  • Nobile Nobile
  • Noyeau FSC FSC wood core

Technology : The heart of Zag

  • Construction
  • Rockers and cambers
  • Shape
  • Flex
  • light
    One goal: to allow skiers to have a light and comfortable ski in all snow. This result is achieved through the combination of glass and carbon fibers, making the Freerando skis twice as stiff in torsion. The paulownia wood core allows you to fetch a few extra grams, without affecting the touch of snow and the resistance in time of the material, as could a foam core. ABS sidewalls and High Resistance steel edges help the ski to resist the impact of all winter long. A construction that allows freerandonneurs to ski safely!
    Half CAP
    Forces transmission is facilitated by our half cap sandwich construction, which also procures more grip on harder snows. The ABS sidewalls design on the sides make the skis live longer by increasing shock absorption and bring an extra layer against the cold.
    1 Polyamide topsheet
    • + scratch resistance
    • + UV coating
    2 ABS sidewalls
    • + highly shock-resistant
    3 Multiaxial carbon / glass fibers
    • + Gramage optimization
    4 Paulownia wood core
    • + very lightweight
    5 Thick edges
    • + highly shock-resistant
    6 Sintered base
    • + optimal glide
    • + shock-resistant
    7 Phenol sheet
    • + anti-pullout
    Construction illustration
  • The BAKAN has a double rocker combined with a high camber. It allows you to remain at the surface in the deep conditions and pivot easily in the forest.
    Tail Rocker + «30%»
    Tip Rocker + «40%»
    Cambre faible
    Low camber
    Cambre modéré
    Medium camber
    Cambre élevé
    High camber
  • shape_5_points
    5 Point Shape
    Specific shape technic that enables us to increase the manoeuvrability of the ski without extend too much the rocker (which can bring some vibrations). Feature based on the variation of the lengthwise from the widest points of the ski: we gather the widest points as close as possible of the center to make the ski playful and turn easily.
    Multi-radius shape
    Drawing technic that provides us to change the radius in several independents zones (tip, center, tail). it brings the radius much shorter underfoot (increased handling) whilst keeping tips and tail tolerance for the hardest snow.
    Rayon court
    Short radius
    Rayon moyen
    Medium radius
    Rayon long
    Long radius
  • flex
    Stiff flex underfoot, a bit softer on the two end points for better sensations in the deep conditions.

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