SLAP 112

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Skialper selection freeride 2019 Skieur Tester's choice 2019 Pro Rider Model - Wadeck Gorak

This ski allows Wadeck Gorak to work hos way up in the Freeride World Tour competition. Ultra versatile, this ski is war weapons on all terrain. Feather-light for a ski at 112 mm underfoot! Destined to devour powder fields or navigate snowy forests, the Slap 112 will still surprise you with its versatility even when you leave its preferred terrain. These skis allow maximum speed and to cruise with comfort. Technology also used in biking and tennis, inserting flax fibers allows maximum vibration absorption. The new line SLAP comes from extensive testing in our ZAGLab.

  • Length
  • 170
    138 / 110 / 127
  • 176
    138.5 / 111 / 127
  • 182
    139.5 / 111 / 128.5
  • 188
    141 / 112 / 130

Sensations on skis

  • Versatility
  • Handling
  • Stability
  • Off piste aptitude
  • Piste aptitude
  • Uphill aptitude
  • Downhill aptitude

Zag manufacturing secrets

Zag manufacturing secrets
  • Thick Edges
    Thick Edges
    Shockproof resistant
  • Glossy Topsheet
    Glossy Topsheet
  • Reinforcing Plates
    Reinforcing Plates
  • 100% Wood Core
    100% Wood Core
    Paulownia & Polpar
  • Vibration Absorber
    Vibration Absorber
    Comfort & grip
  • Multiaxial Fibers
    Multiaxial Fibers
    Weight & performance optimization
Facing the high stakes of global climate change that threatens our mountain playground, we feel responsible for the conservation of this beautiful environment in which ZAG resides. This is why are committed to minimizing the impact of our activities on the climate and on nature, all the while generating a local positive impact in Chamonix and the Alps.
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Carte Zagreen
  • Carrés recyclés Recycled edges
  • Recycled scrap base Recycled scrap base
  • Made in Europe Made in Europe
  • Nobile Nobile
  • Noyeau FSC FSC wood core

Technology : The heart of Zag

  • Construction
  • Rockers and cambers
  • Shape
  • Flex
  • heavy_duty_linen
    Heavy Duty Light + Linen
    Lightness and power to hit the slopes and the large fields of fresh snow. This construction uses multi-axial fiberglass, increasing the skiability and power of the ski by providing stiffness in torsion and flexion. We added linen fiber as well to allows maximum vibration absorption and provides a better comfort. The goal is also to reduce the final weight of these skis to XXL sizes, hence the presence in the wood core of paulownia, for lightness, in addition to the poplar, for resistance. In the end, this construction makes skis light, playful, stable at high speed and resistant in time! Characteristics that have, over the years, written the legend around the famous SLAP.
    Half CAP
    Forces transmission is facilitated by our half cap sandwich construction, which also procures more grip on harder snows. The ABS sidewalls design on the sides make the skis live longer by increasing shock absorption and bring an extra layer against the cold.
    1 Polyamide topsheet
    • + scratch resistance
    • + UV coating
    2 ABS sidewalls
    • + highly shock-resistant
    3 Multiaxial glass fibers
    • + Gramage optimization
    4 Polpar & paulownia wood core
    • + durability
    5 Thick edges
    • + highly shock-resistant
    6 Sintered base
    • + optimal glide
    • + shock-resistant
    7 Phenol sheet
    • + anti-pullout
    8 Linen fiber
    • + maximum vibration absorption
    Construction illustration
  • A significant double rocker with a low camber for a program 100% freeride!
    Tail Rocker «40%»
    Tip Rocker «45%»
    Cambre faible
    Low camber
    Cambre modéré
    Medium camber
    Cambre élevé
    High camber
  • shape_5_points
    5 Point Shape
    Specific shape technic that enables us to increase the manoeuvrability of the ski without extend too much the rocker (which can bring some vibrations). Feature based on the variation of the lengthwise from the widest points of the ski: we gather the widest points as close as possible of the center to make the ski playful and turn easily.
    Multi-radius shape
    Drawing technic that provides us to change the radius in several independents zones (tip, center, tail). it brings the radius much shorter underfoot (increased handling) whilst keeping tips and tail tolerance for the hardest snow.
    Rayon court
    Short radius
    Rayon moyen
    Medium radius
    Rayon long
    Long radius
  • flex
    A strong flex combined with super pivotable tail.

The perfect accessories

Avis SLAP 112

  1. Avis certifié
    The ski was fantastic. Skis lighter than BlackCrows with a lot of pop, stable at speed jumps and land well.
    Great friendly staff will recommend to any friends coming to Chamonix area.
     · le
  2. Avis certifié
    Loved the ski lively poppy would not change anything. Blew my Armada’s out of the water.
    Great place friendly staff. Showed me how the skis were designed and made. Explained the difference in materials. Would highly recommend to anyone coming to Chamonix I will not bring skis next season.
     · le
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